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Sheikh Hasina distributed a cheque of Taka one lak

Sheikh Hasina distributed a cheque of Taka one lakh and a medal to each of 24 such students who scored best in the competitions in 2015 and 2016 under a government initiative title ‘Srijanshil Medha Onneshan” (Searching Creative Talents] launched in 2013.

The award was given in four categories such as- language and literature, daily science/science, math and computer and


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Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday urged the students and guardians for best use of the opportunities and facilities made available by the government for promotion of education and find job after the education.

She said her government has attached highest importance to education aimed at making true the vision of government to make Bangladesh as middle income country by


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The British parliament was asked on Tuesday whether the time is ripe for London to impose limited sanctions on Bangladesh to mount pressure on premier Sheikh Hasina to hold proper general elections at the earliest.

“Does the Minister [of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Office] not think that it is time to start applying some form of sanctions to try